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Branding/Agence Web Aisoftmtl/Québec
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Image by Luca Bravo

Wix Template Website Planner-Event

The website templates are modifiable; you can edit their content in your language.
This website template was created for entrepreneurs to organize weddings and events.
The main pages that were created were the following:

  • Accueil
  • Services
  • A propos
  • Galerie
  • Contact

View the demo 

Wix website theme with you can:
• Upload your logo.
• Edit, add or remove any pages.
• Add and edit your products.
• Add your own social media links and photos.
• Modify text, fonts, and colours.

How it works:
• Go to and create a free or paid account.
• Purchase the template and provide the email address associated with your WIX account at checkout.
• Accept the transfer.
• The Wix template will be added to your WIX account as a new site that belongs to you, ready to modify.
• You will receive the WIX transfer email within 24 h to 72 h, and you have three days to accept the transfer.
• Due to the product type (digital), it will not be possible to return or refund.
• If you want to remove the WIX advertising at the top of your WIX website and wish to use your domain, you will need to upgrade the site to a paid plan on WIX.
• You cannot transfer, resell or redistribute this website template.
• You cannot remove the footer theme credit to Agence Web Aisoftmtl.
• Changes, returns or cancellations are not accepted. Email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the purchase.

The main font used: is Space Grotesk, Poppins Extra Light.
If you want other font types, you can download them from Google Fonts and use them to edit your site.

Free images: Wix, Unsplash.

Thank you for your purchase, and it is my wish that my product adds value to your business!

Wix Template Website Planner-Event

  • Due to the product type (digital), it will not be possible to return or refund.

Logo Agence Web AISOFTMTL: Montréal, Québec
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