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The benefits and drawbacks of acquiring a web template

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

We welcome you to my blog for Hispanics. Today, I will be writing about the benefits that a website template can offer us and its drawbacks. If you are starting your business and want to share one or more topics with your visitors and followers, I invite you to read this blog until the end. Probably, you are starting your business, and you are thinking about the possibility of creating your site. Perhaps you have no idea how to enter the world of design. You have two options, the first to hire a web designer and the other to customize a pre-designed template for your business by yourself. If you chose the second option, what would be the benefits to your time, money, and business? Before getting into the benefits, let me go over a web template. A web template is nothing more than a predesigned design or format, ready for you to add, modify or delete the content and publish it on the internet. There are a sea of ​​options available on the networks, depending on the type of platform you have chosen, platforms to host and create your sites such as Showit, Wix, WordPress, and others, to name a few examples. Before buying or purchasing any template for free, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a landing page or a website?

  • What type of site would you need, an information site, an online store, a consulting site, etc.?

  • Is it that I will need to add or modify certain functions? Will I need programming or not?

  • These and other issues are essential to choosing a suitable business template.

Now I will mention what fits of reusing a template careened:

1. They are customizable You will be able to edit your information, adapting it to your business objective. You will be able to modify the images, the type of font of each text, the colors, and other editions. You can add elements such as forms, buttons that call to action, social network links, and others. And all this by dragging and pasting on specific platforms.

2. You will not need to know to program, but if you do, much better. These templates incorporate code and graphic elements ready to make your site optimal and functional, whether it is for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. You must acquire or buy a domain name and a hosting plan, preferably a paid one; it customizes your site without the limitations that the platforms' free programs generally offer.

3. A great diversity of options You will have many template options that meet industry requirements for your project. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the features and functionality that fit your business. 4. You do not need a significant investment of money and time

Web templates generate savings in time, money, development, and maintenance for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Reusing a template could take a few hours or several days compared to a site starting from scratch, which could take weeks or months. Now we will mention some of the drawbacks of using these templates:

1. Many other entrepreneurs and small businesses can use your template. But the solution to make your website unique: use your brand colors, your logo, create unique graphic design elements, photographic images of your business.

2. The template you have chosen may not allow you to customize it fully. Although in terms of interface design, you can edit the templates according to the corporate image of your project, in some cases, you can edit with certain limitations regarding the amount of text, for example. 3. Integrate extensions and tools to your pre-built template According to our business, it is essential to consider the starting questions to choose a suitable template. Suppose you need specific extensions or, what is the same, extra functionalities or improvements that are not integrated into the site, such as a database or analytical tools. In that case, you will require a programmer specializing in the platform you have selected to code, add, edit, or delete certain functionalities.

4. Your positioning in the Google search engine It is not enough to have chosen an attractive template, but it is optimized for Google search engines. It is necessary to invest in SEO strategies that contribute to your website appearing on the first pages and organically in the search engines of Google, Microsoft Bing, etc.

5. Lack of support and help for your site Before purchasing a pre-built template, find out if the vendor offers technical support for editing or configuration issues. In general, when used for free, the content management platforms are possible that the providers make changes or eliminate functionalities that cause your site to stop working. I suggest you find a provider that offers you the template, configuration, and update to solve this problem. These are some of the benefits and drawbacks that I have raised. But these drawbacks mentioned above are solvable and require a particular investment. As a conclusion of this writing, we can say that it is essential to evaluate what you need for your business, a website from scratch or a pre-designed site taking into account all the aspects mentioned. A good web service provider will offer you the possibility of connecting with web design specialists who will build your website at an affordable cost and with features customized to your brand. Wix has over 500 pre-designed templates in the language of your choice. Professionally designed templates for all types of sites or web pages. Sign up today if you want to create your own with the Wix editor's innovative drag-and-drop system. Blog AISOFTMTL

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