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7 mistakes to avoid when creating a website

For web developers looking to fine-tune the user experience (UX) of their sites, here are seven common mistakes to avoid, along with specific solutions and tools to resolve them:

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1-Non-optimization for mobile:

Error: A site that does not adapt correctly to different mobile devices.

Solution: Use tools like Google Mobile-Friendly Test to assess and improve your site's mobile-friendliness. Make sure to employ responsive design techniques in your CSS stylesheets.

2-Excessive loading times:

Error: Web pages that load too long decrease user satisfaction.

Solution: Use tools like GTmetrix or WebPageTest to identify factors slowing down your site. Compress images with TinyPNG, minify CSS, and optimize JavaScript with Minifier or UglifyJS.

3-Navigation and complex architecture:

Error: A difficult-to-navigate website structure that loses users.

Solution: Simplify your site structure by using site maps and wireframes with tools like Sketch or Adobe XD for better planning.

4-Dense and difficult to read text:

Error: Long paragraphs and difficult to read font choices that discourage reading.

Solution: Use typography tools like Google Fonts to select optimized web fonts and read the readability guidelines on WebAIM.

5-Complex or lengthy forms:

Error: User forms requesting too much information or poorly structured.

Solution: Simplify data entry with Formik or React Hook Form to create more intuitive and engaging forms.

6-Lack of feedback for the user:

Error: Not providing visual or audible confirmation after user actions.

Solution: Integrate immediate feedback with JavaScript libraries like SweetAlert for alerts or use CSS animations for subtle interactions.

7-Insufficient usability testing:

Error: User feedback was not collected before launching the site.

Solution: Use platforms like UserTesting for quick usability testing or install Hotjar to collect heatmaps and rerecord sessions. This will allow you to adjust the UX based on actual user behaviours.

By integrating these solutions and using recommended tools, developers can avoid common UX pitfalls and create websites that attract and retain users' attention.

Developers can avoid common UX pitfalls by integrating these practices and leveraging recommended tools early in development. This makes it possible to create websites that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy to navigate, ensuring an optimal user experience. Adopting these measures helps to retain visitors and strengthen the brand's online presence.

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